3 Coin Box Set

3 Coin Box Set

Mystery Packs

Hand Picked Coins

Unlock the Potential

For Thrill-Seeking Collectors

Each RCTVX series is a one-time limited release featuring a rotating selection of valuable

precious metal coins. Unlock the potential of RCTV X Series 1 today!

What thrills are waiting for you in Series 1?


How to get started...

1. Place Your Order

RCTV X is released in separate series that rotate to give you the greatest potential of building a high value collection.

2. Break Your Box

Each RCTV X box includes three separate packs, giving you three separate thrills.

3. Rip Your Pack

Grip your pack and rip it open! There’s no telling what will be inside!

4. Pull Your Prize

Gold? Silver? Palladium? Enjoy your coin. Start a collection. Show a friend. Or use our simple buyback program.

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